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Clubs & Organizations

ASRA Women's Wheelchair Basketball

The Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association (ASRA) Women's Wheelchair Basketball practices are on Saturdays from 2-4 pm at the Muni Gym in Balboa Park. We have extra basketball chairs for new women to borrow. Please call Coach Margaret at (650) 282-0145 for more info and to RSVP.  

The 2019-2020 season is the third for our women.  These athletes are comprised of ladies ages 13-73 playing together recreationally once a week.  Registration opens Thursday, August 15.

Visit their website to learn more:

College Diabetes Network @ UCSD

The College Diabetes Network is a community for those affected by diabetes and to educate those who would like to learn more about diabetes. We are here to help each other through the highs and lows of college.

If you are interested in learning more and to meet some diabuddies, please check out our facebook page and group "College Diabetes Network at UCSD” or email us at

Delta Alpha Pi

Founded in 2004, Delta Alpha Pi is an academic honor society that recognizes high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges (including community colleges) and universities as undergraduate or graduate students. This dynamic organization celebrates and supports academic achievement, leadership and advocacy for post-secondary students with disabilities.
The chapter will be student led and student run with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Time commitments are minimal, although board members may need to volunteer more hours depending upon the activities the group chooses to support.

If interested, please review their website at and email Marina Nakhla at

DUSC: Disability United Student Community at UCSD

The purpose of DUSC is threefold.
  • To create a community for students with disabilities and friends to mix, engage, learn, and share in a safe space.
  • To celebrate, educate, and develop a better understanding of the inclusive and diverse nature of disability and its central role in the quest for social justice.
  • To explore the intersectionality of ethnic, spiritual, and social dynamics of disability and participate in interdisciplinary research and institutional panels to foster communication, understanding, and positive relations.


Contact Information

This Able

Zina is a current undergraduate at UC San Diego leading This Able, a nonprofit that seeks to empower those with disabilities and create an inclusive community for such individuals. They have been hosting virtual meet-ups on Slack and would love to extend the invite to all of you at OSD!

Please email if you require any assistance signing up.


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