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Information Regarding COVID-19 and OSD Accommodations

UC San Diego is providing continuous updates regarding the Coronavirus at


UC San Diego's face mask policy follows State and County guidelines. The policy may be viewed at

The University’s face covering mandate exempts students with medical conditions, mental health conditions, and disabilities that prevent them from wearing masks. Should a student wish to request an accommodation because they are exempt, they should email the OSD at and write "face covering exemption request" in the subject line. An interactive process appointment will be scheduled and, during the meeting, the student can share how wearing a face covering impacts their disability. Additional documentation may be requested before the OSD makes a determination on the exemption.


UC San Diego requires all students to undergo regular Covid testing as part of its Return to Learn Program. For more information about testing, visit the Testing and Screening webpage. Students who are requesting to be exempt from testing due to a disability should email the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at and write "Covid testing exemption request" in the subject line. An interactive process appointment will be scheduled and, during the meeting, the student can share how Covid testing impacts their disability. Additional documentation may be requested before the OSD makes a determination on the exemption.

OSD is working with numerous departments, divisions, and units to communicate information regarding accommodations for students with disabilities for Fall 2020, and we will be providing updates here.


If you are a medical or mental health provider, please email (DO NOT FAX) documentation to or and it will be forwarded to the student's Disability Specialist.


The SPACES ASP Booklending Program strives to relieve the financial burden of higher education's academic textbooks. The program is going digital for the Fall quarter for COVID-19 safety reasons. To learn more and register, visit


Free e-texts available to students through the National Emergency Library:


The Academic Achievement Hub services are offered remotely. They provide access to supplemental instruction/study groups, content tutoring, and learning strategists. They are also offering FREE workshops to UC San Diego students to help revisit topics that are needed to succeed in the series and/or their current course. Some examples of subjects that the Content Tutors will be focusing on include math, physics, and chemistry. To view the workshop schedule, visit To learn more about the services offered by the Academic Achievement Hub, visit


Fall 2020 Accommodations

Students who have specific concerns or questions are encouraged to email their Disability Specialist or the general OSD email account at

Please note that AFA letters for accommodations will be issued after August 1, 2020. Please email your specialist after that date to request accommodations for Fall Quarter. Accommodations may be altered depending upon whether the course is offered remotely or on-campus.

Information for Students

Students Who Received Accommodations During Spring and/or Summer 2020

  1. If you received accommodations during Spring and/or Summer 2020 and would like to request the same accommodations for Fall 2020, please email your OSD specialist so that they can create Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letters through the OSD student portal.  Use the subject line "Requesting Fall Accommodations."  You will receive an email from your Specialist letting you know when you may access your AFA letters electronically.  Paper AFA letters will NOT be distributed.
  2. If you received breaks (of any type) during exams in Spring and/or Summer 2020, your Fall Quarter AFA letter will indicate that you are eligible for extra time (.25) PROVISIONALLY FOR FALL QUARTER in lieu of breaks for courses that are offered remotely. This accommodation MAY continue into the Winter Quarter but only for courses that will be offered remotely.
  3. If you received accommodations during Spring and/or Summer 2020, you will NOT be asked for updated documentation for Fall, unless you are asking for an accommodation you have not previously received. However, on a case by case basis, the OSD will determine if you will need to provide updated documentation.
  4. If you are requesting accommodations for housing or dining, those AFA letters will be scanned and emailed to you as those requests cannot currently be processed through the portal.

Students Who Have Not Received Accommodations Through The OSD Previously

This includes those with temporary limitations (concussions, broken bones, etc.)

  1. All intake appointments will take place over the phone/Zoom. Call the OSD at 858.534.4382 to schedule an appointment.  If campus is closed, send an email to and put "Request for Intake Appointment" in the subject line.  Indicate dates and times during the subsequent two weeks that you are available for a 60 minute phone appointment, and you will be contacted via phone or email.  If you are deaf or hard of hearing and would prefer to have your intake conducted via email or through Zoom with captions, please let us know.
  2. Before your appointment, complete the intake and consent forms which may be found on the OSD website: and email them back to  These will be forwarded to your Disability Specialist before your appointment.

Students Requesting Alternative Text Formats

If you are requesting and have been approved for e-texts, please email Adrian Contreras at and copy  In the Subject line write "E-text request" and in the Body provide the following information:


a. your full name and PID
b. your phone number
c. the name of the course and the name of the instructor
d. the title and author of the book
e. the 13 digit ISBN and the name of the publisher


You MUST also upload a copy or picture of your receipt.  Books may NOT be rented or borrowed.

We will follow up with you within 48 University business hours regarding your request.  If you are requesting Braille or large print font, please email your Disability Specialist directly and copy

Students Requesting Note-taking Accommodations

Because some course content will be delivered remotely for Fall either through Zoom, Canvas, and/or other online platforms, note-taking accommodations may not be needed if students can view videos and podcasts multiple times.  However, if students believe that peer note-taking is still needed, they should complete the Note-taking Request Form.

Printed notes will NOT be available for pick up at the OSD during the Fall.  All notes will be emailed directly from the note-taker to the student's UCSD email account, unless the student indicates an Alternate Email.

Additional questions may be directed to the student's OSD Specialist or to

Information for Faculty

Should you have specific questions or concerns about how best to provide accommodations, please email the OSD at and type "Questions re: Fall 2020" in the subject line.

Course Instruction

Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letters will be sent electronically through the OSD Student Portal.  NO PAPER AFA LETTERS WILL BE ISSUED.  Please check your SPAM email account to ensure receipt of the electronic AFA.

All course content for Fall 2020 must be provided in accessible formats.  Please use the following resources to assist you as you create course content:


Exams and Quizzes

  1. Accommodations for exams and quizzes must be provided to students, and instructors may need to edit the allotted time for individual students in Canvas.
  2. “Extended time on exams” applies to timed online exams. A timed online exam is when a specific time frame (i.e., 60 minutes) is set for the students to complete the exam. In the case of students with 1.5 exam time, the time that the student has access to the exam would need to be changed to 90 minutes.
  3. “Extended time on exams” does not apply to a “take home” exam or assignment for which students have 24 hours or more to complete. However, in this case, extensions on assignments could be considered, if this accommodation is also authorized. Again, instructors may need to edit the allotted time for individual students in Canvas.
  4. If students received breaks (of any type) during exams as an accommodation during Spring/Summer 2020, their Fall AFA letter will indicate that they are eligible for extra time (.25) PROVISIONALLY FOR Fall in lieu of breaks.
  5. If students have “Access to professor or TA for exam clarification” as an accommodation, then the instructor or TA should be available by email during the time of the exam.
  6. Students should NOT be required to come to campus to fulfill any exam accommodations, such as having the students come to campus to provide them with a “separate testing location.” By taking the exam online at home, the “separate testing location” accommodation is being met.
  7. If students use a screen reader or other assistive technology, or needs the exam enlarged or in Braille, this may not be possible through Canvas. It may be best to provide the exam to the student in a Word document and ask them to return the completed exam via email.
  8. In order to provide Universal Design for Learning, Canvas settings should be adjusted to allow student to view ALL exam questions at once, instead of only being able to see one question per page. This allows for review of answers before submitting the exam.