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OSD Talks

Recent UC San Diego alumnus and disability advocate, Erik Hernandez, addresses Eleanor Roosevelt College’s 2019 graduating class.

Video: Erik Hernandez's Speech at the 2019 UC San Diego Eleanor Roosevelt College Commencement


On Friday April 12, 2019, the Computer Science and Engineering department hosted a day focusing on celebrating the diversity around the UC San Diego campus. Jimmy Cong, from the Office for Students with Disabilities, and Jenn Dandle, from the UC San Diego Library, gave a presentation on the importance of including accessibility into the development stage of software.

Video: Inclusive Design: Access for All

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Listen to a speech given by Joanna Boval, director of the OSD, and James Seddon, UC San Diego Veteran of the Year for 2017, at 2018's campus remembrance event for September 11, 2001. People gathered at the memorial tree on Warren Mall at the foot of the Snake Path to remember those who lost their lives on that day due to terrorist attacks.

Video: UC San Diego 17th Anniversary Remembrance of Lives Lost on September 11, 2001