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Authorization for Accommodation (AFA)

Functional Limitations are Considered

The student's medical professional must indicate which activities are affected by the
diagnosis or impairment and indicate the level of limitation. The medical professional should also indicate if they observed the functional limitations or if the functional limitations are self-reported by the student.

Academic Environment is Considered

Once the OSD has clarified the student's current functional limitations, we will look at each classroom and lab environment to determine reasonable accommodations.  Because limitations and academic environments may change from quarter to quarter, students must obtain Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letters for each class each quarter.

Reasonable Accommodations are Determined

During your appointment, one of our Disability Specialists will assist you in determining and obtaining reasonable accommodations based on your current functional limitations impacting you in the following areas: classrooms/labs, exams, campus living, and programs.

Accommodation requests that would fundamentally alter or modify the nature of the class, lab, or academic environment are not granted.

Accommodations are not determined or provided retroactively.

Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letters are Issued

Once the Disability Specialist has determined reasonable accommodations and the student has accepted them, an Authorization for Accommodation (AFA) letter will be issued for each course. 

Students may schedule an appointment to obtain AFA letters any time after registering for classes, and students are encouraged to obtain AFA letters before the start of each quarter. 

Four copies are provided to facilitate the next, important, necessary step . . . Sharing!

Students must share AFA letters with Instructors

As soon as a student obtains the AFA letter, the student should contact their instructor (via phone or email):

  • Review the course syllabus
  • Discuss accommodation arrangements for the quarter

The instructor may ask the student to work with another person on their behalf

If so, the student must have the instructor sign ALL copies of the AFA letter. 

The student must then make an appointment and meet with the OSD Academic Liaison, other staff member, or teaching assistant as soon as possible and share the AFA letter signed by faculty.

For Campus Living accommodations and Program Modifications, the Disability Specialist will direct the student to the appropriate person to share the AFA letter .

If further assistance is needed and/or if you feel that reasonable and appropriate accommodations are not being provided in a timely manner, you must contact the OSD immediately and request assistance from an OSD staff member. If issues remain unresolved, you may also contact the OSD Director.