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The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides information on additional resources available to students with disabilities.


For more information, view the Disability Resources Brochure Guide (PDF).


Why Captions Are Essential

This entry in the Accessibility Awareness video series provides a brief overview of why captions are an essential component of both live and asynchronous media.



Improving Access at UC San Diego

UC San Diego strives to provide inclusive, safe, and seamless access to campus facilities and services to everyone regardless of age, ability, or proficiency level.





Aira, a San Diego-based startup, leverages wearable technology, artificial intelligence and live, human agents, to deliver real-time visual description for people who are blind or have low vision. UC San Diego is the first university to join the Aira Campus Network, offering access to the pioneering accessibility technology to vision impaired members of its entire campus community including students, staff, and faculty.

The Aira Access Card (PDF) can be printed out and distributed as an instructional reminder on how a new user can get set up with Aira.

The Aira Cheat Sheet (PDF) provides basic information on how to get started with Aira and what Aira agents can and cannot do.

Commencement Activities Information

UC San Diego welcomes people with disabilities in our commencement ceremonies and celebrations by providing physical and program accessibility. For specific accommodations, please contact your student's college.

Department of Rehabilitation

The Department of Rehabilitation can assist students with disabilities in acquiring textbooks, adaptive technology, specialized software, and other supports.

UC San Diego students should contact Esther Bazalaki to register:

For more information, visit

Emergency Preparedness

UC San Diego has emergency evacuation and preparedness plans in place for all campus members.  A service the university offers to students, parents and families is a text-messaging alert system, as well as information availability of the UC San Diego website.  The OSD recommends students and dependents with disabilities sign up for this service and plan for emergency evacuation of classrooms, departments and campus living locations. For more information, see Emergency Preparedness on Blink.

Be prepared:

On and Off Campus Resources

The UC San Diego community offers a variety of resources that will assist students to succeed in their academics while making the student feel at home.


Register to Vote

For information on how to register to vote, go to:

Rentals for Wheelchairs and Crutches

Mobility Source: (619) 234-9505

CVS Pharmacy (Clairemont Dr.): (858) 273-5300

Apria Health Care: (858) 653-6800

All Home: (858) 769-0444

Ride Services

Triton Transit: Mobility

If you are a student, staff or faculty member with a disability, Triton Transit: Mobility can help you travel between ADA-compliant locations on the La Jolla campus via a wheelchair-accessible van or cart.

To learn more, visit the Triton Transit: Mobility page.

Community Service Officials (CSO)

The police department employs currently enrolled UC San Diego students as Community Service Officials (CSO) who provide many safety-related services, including:
  • Escorting UC San Diego students, faculty and staff to their campus destinations at night
  • Patrolling parking lots
  • Locking buildings
  • Assisting with medical emergencies (all CSOs are trained in CPR/First Aid)
  • Providing security support at campus events

To learn more, visit the CSO page.

Text to 9-1-1

Text to 9-1-1 is now available in San Diego County, including UC San Diego.

Calling is still the fastest way to reach 9-1-1. However, texting may be the better option if you are:
  • Deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal or have difficulty speaking
  • In a situation where it's not safe to call 9-1-1
  • Having a medical emergency and cannot speak on the phone


How to text

  1. Type 9-1-1 in the "To" field.
  2. Give your location and nature of your emergency.
  3. Respond to any questions and follow instructions.

More information can be found at the crime reporting webpage.

Additional Resources

Clubs & Organizations

ASRA Women's Wheelchair Basketball

The Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association (ASRA) Women's Wheelchair Basketball practices are on Saturdays from 2-4 pm at the Muni Gym in Balboa Park. We have extra basketball chairs for new women to borrow. Please call Coach Margaret at (650) 282-0145 for more info and to RSVP.  

The 2019-2020 season is the third for our women.  These athletes are comprised of ladies ages 13-73 playing together recreationally once a week.  Registration opens Thursday, August 15.

Visit their website to learn more:

College Diabetes Network @ UCSD

The College Diabetes Network is a community for those affected by diabetes and to educate those who would like to learn more about diabetes. We are here to help each other through the highs and lows of college.

If you are interested in learning more and to meet some diabuddies, please check out our facebook page and group "College Diabetes Network at UCSD” or email us at

Delta Alpha Pi

Founded in 2004, Delta Alpha Pi is an academic honor society that recognizes high-achieving students with disabilities who are attending colleges (including community colleges) and universities as undergraduate or graduate students. This dynamic organization celebrates and supports academic achievement, leadership and advocacy for post-secondary students with disabilities.
The chapter will be student led and student run with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Time commitments are minimal, although board members may need to volunteer more hours depending upon the activities the group chooses to support.

If interested, please review their website at and email Marina Nakhla at

DUSC: Disability United Student Community at UCSD

The purpose of DUSC is threefold.
  • To create a community for students with disabilities and friends to mix, engage, learn, and share in a safe space.
  • To celebrate, educate, and develop a better understanding of the inclusive and diverse nature of disability and its central role in the quest for social justice.
  • To explore the intersectionality of ethnic, spiritual, and social dynamics of disability and participate in interdisciplinary research and institutional panels to foster communication, understanding, and positive relations.


Contact Information

This Able

Zina is a current undergraduate at UC San Diego leading This Able, a nonprofit that seeks to empower those with disabilities and create an inclusive community for such individuals. They have been hosting virtual meet-ups on Slack and would love to extend the invite to all of you at OSD!

Please email if you require any assistance signing up.


Join the Slack Workspace

Accessibility Training

Training Videos for Faculty

UCSF Medical Student Disability Services (MSDS) and UCSF Student Disability Services (SDS) in partnership with colleagues from around the country (Case Western Reserve University, Duke University, Northwestern University, Rush University College of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, The University of Washington, and Weill Cornell Medicine and Samuel Merritt University), developed The UCSF Faculty Training Series, an eight part online, video training series to guide faculty who work with students with disabilities. New modules will be posted each month.

UC Online Training Courses for Accessibility

UC has procured short, online training courses developed by our accessibility partner, Siteimprove. These courses will teach you how to make accessible documents, videos, PDFs, and much more. 

Read about the accessibility courses

Scholarships and Fellowships

The Orion Fund

Application Deadline: Thursday, February 22, 2024

Each year, The Orion Fund awards grants to California college students with serious illness or injury. If you are in college, age 32 and under, and have a serious medical condition affecting your ability to stay in school, then The Orion Fund may be able to help.

Learn more about The Orion Fund

Swim with Mike

Scholarships for student athletes with physical disabilities.


For more information, visit: