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What Faculty Need to Know about Accommodating Students with Disabilities

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  1. Use of a statement on your course syllabus is encouraged. Sample language may be found on the OSD website:
  2. Disabling conditions may include loss of sight, hearing, or mobility; learning disabilities; ADD/ADHD; chronic health conditions (epilepsy, multiple sclerosis); mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder); autism spectrum; broken bones, strains or sprains; surgeries; concussions; etc.
  3. Faculty should contact the Dean of Student Affairs for the student’s college if the student discloses a diagnosis of Covid or Monkeypox so the student can get additional support.
  4. Most students with disabilities at UC San Diego have more than one condition.
  5. The role of the OSD is to determine reasonable accommodations in classrooms, labs, and non-academic settings for the purpose of providing equitable access. These accommodations are determined after conducting an interactive process with the student, reviewing third party documentation, and (as necessary) consulting with the instructor.
  6. Faculty will receive an Authorization for Accommodations (AFA) letter via email for each student in their course(s) who is eligible for accommodations. Please note, AFA letters will be sent on the first day of class AND throughout the quarter, as new students register with OSD and are provided with accommodations.
  7. Students are responsible for contacting their faculty, AND the department OSD liaison to discuss the specific arrangements in order to receive accommodations each quarter. Faculty are responsible for communicating student accommodation needs to their TAs or IAs. Accommodations are NOT retro-active.
  8. If Faculty believe that the requested accommodation constitutes a fundamental alteration of their course, they MUST contact the OSD for a consultation.
  9. If Faculty have questions that relate to providing accommodations, they must contact their department liaison or the OSD Director at
  10. In communicating with students with disabilities, Faculty should protect student identities so that others are not inadvertently informed about the student’s disability status.