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How the OSD Supports Students

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) at UC San Diego works with undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students with documented disabilities, reviewing documentation and, through an interactive process with the student, determining reasonable accommodations. Disabilities can occur in the following areas: psychological, psychiatric, learning, attention, chronic health, physical, vision, hearing, and acquired brain injuries, and may occur at any time during a student’s college career.

We encourage you to contact the OSD as soon as you become aware of a condition that is disabling so that we can work with you.

Student Responsibilities

Students registered with the OSD have the same responsibilities as other students: getting to class regularly, meeting with faculty and peers to study and learn, and finally demonstrating understanding and mastery of course content. OSD helps students with disabilities navigate that system by establishing a set of academic accommodations based on each student’s individual disability.

In order to receive support, students must schedule an appointment with the OSD to discuss obtaining reasonable accommodations based on their current, functional limitations, particularly as they pertain to a higher education academic setting.

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