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Hear About Students' Experiences

J. C. (Sixth College, Music and Visual Arts Digital Media major)

"Every student requires a different list of accommodations. I, for example, required alternative media in the form of PDF documents for plain text course materials and Braille music for sheet music. I also required extra time on exams because reading an exam on a computer using a screenreader or reading a Braille exam takes way longer than the printed counterpart. To top it all off, I also required on campus housing because the Braille materials are way too heavy and expensive to be carrying for long walks and on public transportation. All of these accommodations required me to be as organized as I can be, but with the OSD’s assistance, I was able to equally participate in my courses with the other classmates."

E. T. (graduate student in Biology)

"My interactions with the OSD have always been great. The staff are super friendly and very helpful. The OSD has helped me manage my disability by providing access to learning alternatives. In my case, they provided me with a voice recorder and a note-taker. This let me spend more time engaged in lecture and less time stressing about keeping up with the class."

Y. C. (ERC, Psychology major)

“OSD is definitely very helpful for students with disabilities. One of my disabilities is that my dominant hand is not functioning well. Thanks to OSD, I have been able to have notes for classes and extended time for exams.”

A. H. (Muir College, Psychology major)

“The OSD has been a fundamental part of my success at UC San Diego.  When my disability makes things challenging, my disability counselor is my best advocate for seeing that my needs are met.  I am extremely grateful for OSD’s services and the guidance and help my OSD counselor has given me.”

H. L. (ERC, Communication major)

“I returned to school feeling over confident, thinking I didn’t need accommodations.  However, I wasn’t as young as I used to be and had trouble ‘fitting in.’  Check ins with my disability counselor gave me someone to talk to about my concerns and situation.”

N. M. (Muir College, Computer Science major)

"My chronic medical conditions limit my participation in daily activities in many ways. During my first year at UC San Diego, I worked with the OSD to find a wide variety of accommodations that have mitigated these limitations and given me an equal opportunity to excel in my classes. I appreciate that the OSD specialists take as much time as needed to listen to issues I am having and find solutions."