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Off Campus Resources

Great Plates 2.0: Dinner Delivered

Provides one hearty meal (“dinner”) per day to adults of all ages (18+) with certain health conditions or disabilities. For more information and to enroll, visit:

Mutual Aid UCSD

An organization that supports UCSD students, staff, and contingent faculty members in need of emergency food, finances, delivery of groceries/supplies, and/or academic and social support. For more information, visit their Google Form.

National DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program

The National DeafBlind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP) offers free equipment and training to low-income DeafBlind and Hard-of-Hearing/Low-Vision individuals, with the goal of supporting long-distance communication. The NDBEDP provides phones, tablets, computers, videophones, and similar items with adaptive software. Participants receive training in their preferred language modality until they are comfortable using their devices. To learn more, visit:

NextGen Leaders Initiatives

NextGen Leaders are college students and recent graduates with disabilities who have demonstrated talent and leadership in the STEM, finance and business fields. NextGen Leaders collaborate with Corporate Partners to prepare for employment through mentorship, networking and recruiting opportunities. For more information, visit:

UC System Disability Ad Hoc Committee

A committee that is dedicated to advocating for disabled undergraduate and graduate students within the UC System to improve their resources, education, safety and well being. To learn more, visit their website.